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THIS WAY_site-specific installation (2008)

photo by Seth Ely (Tillett Lighting Design)

This project was a collaboration between Linnaea Tillett Lighting Design and KT3D, the commission awarded in May 2007. The site was the Brooklyn-side access to the Brooklyn Bridge, an underpass spanning Washington and Prospect Streets, adjacent to the neighborhoods Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO.

This site is shaped by vehicular traffic & its infrastructure; access ramps to the bridge and the adjacent Brooklyn-Queens Expressway both define the discrete urban character of DUMBO and make way-finding difficult. This project represents an opportunity to anchor this threshold, this “in-between” space in both the sightlines and the imaginations of this neighborhood & its visitors. A series of linear forms are drawn on the underside of the bridges structure. The forms are strongly directional, pointing to the stair to access the bridge. Blue light (an anomaly in the night-urban-visual-field) washed the stone walls of the anchorage.

Artists: Karin Tehve & Linnaea Tillett

Lighting Design: Linnaea Tillett Lighting Design
– team: Stephen Horner, Seth Ely

Architect-of-Record: Emphasis Design
– team: Andy Simons, Adam Tansky

Lighting Suppliers: Drama Lighting

Clients: DUMBO Improvement District | NYDOT | Percent for Art

     team: Lisa Kim, Hannah Munger

Fabricators: Unicorn Construction Enterprises

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