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Appropriate(d) Interiors: book*talk

via ZOOM 03.23.22
Interior Provocations Committee: Deborah Schneiderman, Keena Suh, Anca Lasc, Karyn Zieve, Erica Morawski, Karin Tehve
Event Organizers: Deborah Schneiderman & Karin Tehve
Moderator: Karin Tehve

To celebrate the release of Appropriate(d) Interiors, we organized an online event, a virtual book talk. We were joined by the editors and the authors. Participants were physically in the US, the EU, the UK and the Middle East; the digital format made it possible to share the event with students and colleagues across the globe, as well.
It was a rare opportunity to gather (virtually) all active players together and (as varied as the chapter in Appropriate(d) Interiors might seem) to perform solidarity in a lively discussion about the issues and concerns that the discipline might address.

A MIRO board featuring the slides of the introductory presentation and the bios of the authors and editors was included to support the participation by the poor souls who might not have had time to read the text in its entirety.

Jo Turney | Associate Professor | Fashion | Winchester School of Art | University of Southampton
Carlos Bartolo | Lecturer | Arts and Architecture | Lusíada University
Senem Yildirim Evsen | Ph.D. Candidate | Architectural History | Middle East Technical University
Alessandra Gola | Ph.D. Researcher | Department of Architecture | University of Leuven
Igor Siddiqui | Associate Professor | Interior Design Program | The University of Texas at Austin
Harriet McKay | Senior Lecturer | The Cass School of Art, Architecture & Design | London Metropolitan University
Deborah Schneiderman | Professor | Interior Design | Pratt Institute
Irina Schneid | Adjunct Assistant Professor | Interior Design | Pratt Institute
Graeme Brooker | Professor | Royal College of Art. London
Joel Sanders | JSA, Principal Architect, RA, AIA | Professor of Architecture | Yale University

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