Interior Provocations: onEDGE_symposium

@ Pratt Institute & via ZOOM 04.09.22
Organizers: Deborah Schneiderman, Keena Suh, Anca Lasc, Karyn Zieve, Erica Morawski, Karin Tehve
Keynote: Jorge Otero-Pailos/ Moderators: David Foley, Deborah Schneiderman and Erica Morawski

Every year, current events affect the directions of research and culture, but the influence of recent events cannot be overstated. Who cannot say that the past two years have not left them on edge in some way?

For this symposium, we’ve sought inquiry that sets our thinking about the fields of interior design “on edge.” To explore ways that interiors upset or institute our edges, whether physical, conceptual or psychological, imagined, implied, necessary or discriminatory. The presentations explore these questions in history, theory and praxis, across time, culture and place.

In seeking to reconsider boundaries, thresholds and screens, we look both to the past and future about how to accommodate fluidity, accessibility and security.

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