Project02_site-specific installation

For the Dumbo Arts Festival, fall 2011. Materials: gaffer’s tape.
The piece is a series of full-scale isometric drawings of the space that it occupies, in the lobby of 45 Main Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn. Drawings of the walls are inscribed on the floor, drawings of the floor are inscribed on the walls. On a drawing board, an isometric projection proposes to generate a new architectural condition, second-hand. In situ, the drawings alter the existing architecture, shift and rotate the location of the existing surface across adjacent surfaces, layering a dynamic torque over a normally stable space for the duration of an arts festival, mirroring the influx of an art-visiting public into spaces normally of business and art production.

Fabrication Team (Graduate Students From Pratt’s Interior Design Program)
Der Sean Chou
Kevin Clark
Kayla Cohen
Jenna Cruff
Sally Gales
Quinn Nathanson
Caroline Neely
Kelly Rosen
Lisa Waldie
Bryan Yates
Jade Pak


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