Interiors Beyond Architecture: “Interiors for display and on display” _chapter

BOFFO Building Fashion. Snarkitecture with Richard Chai. 2010. photo: Snarkitecture

Each in its sphere attempts to combine the interest in duration, unity and similarity with that in change, specialization and peculiarity. It becomes self-evident that there is no institution, no law, no estate of life, which can uniformly satisfy the full demands of the two opposing principles.
Georg Simmel. “Fashion.” 1904

This chapter asserts that it is the interior that makes possible architecture’s project of permanence, through its ability to adapt to changing forms of inhabitation over time. The text examines museum and retail typologies as the site of the development of display infrastructures that mediate changing content, and make possible the recognition of interiors for display as a form of media.

Campos, Amy, and Deborah Schneiderman (editors). 2018. Interiors beyond Architecture. Routledge.

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