Veil_site-specific installation (as XS)

photos by Mark Morosse

Veil was a collaborative effort between XS (a partnership between Karin Tehve & Sarah Strauss) and a team of present and former graduate students from Pratt’s Interior Design Program. Its program: to recast a vacant commercial space into a social hub and display space for the duration of the DUMBO Arts Festival in the Fall of 2014. The goal: as a response to its rich urban context, to maximize heterogeneity while maintaining a visual unity. Process: each participant was invited to propose an instance in a pattern; those patterns became the basis of stencils used to apply those patterns onto the windows at One Main in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Fabrication Team:
Dana Suster
Natalie Minott
Brittany Mariana
Eunice Kim
Alexandra Goldberg
Lining Fang
Jung In Chang
Katherine Castañeda
Rachel Ben-Zadok
Umaporn Armanont

Special Thanks to:
Allison Wood
Sophia Wallace
Mark Morosse

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