Scrim_site-specific installation (as XS)

For the Dumbo Arts Festival, fall 2013. Materials: Avery Color-Coding Labels/ various standard sizes/ color: blue. image: K. Tehve

Scrim was formed using Photoshop to convert an image of hand-made lace into a dot-screen. This dot screen was rendered (each dot placed by hand) on the glazed entry of 55 Washington Street in Brooklyn, NY. Scrim transforms the entry of a building normally inhabited by everyday commerce into a threshold for a container of art. Craft-automation-craft.

XS is a partnership between Karin Tehve & Sarah Strauss
To study pattern in the urban environment as a means to identify public space through the intensification of everyday qualities and characteristics.

Fabrication Team (Graduate Students From Pratt’s Interior Design Program)
Leticia Pardoro
Laine Turkish
Vanessa Watts
Jung-In (Jay) Chang
Kunal Kashyap
Michael Adkin
Nadia Shaheen
Ellie Cunnigham


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