Veil_site-specific installation (as XS)

photos by Mark Morosse Veil was a collaborative effort between XS (a partnership between Karin Tehve & Sarah Strauss) and a team of present and former graduate students from Pratt's Interior Design Program. Its program: to recast a vacant commercial space into a social hub and display space for the duration of the DUMBO Arts... Continue Reading →

PACER_site-specific installation (as XS)

Artist: XS (Sarah Strauss & Karin Tehve) The pattern is a kind of urban wallpaper, translating images of everyday activity into works of public art.  Abstracted from the motion of passers-by, the pattern is based on stop-motion elevations of a walker’s stride & the acceleration-deceleration of urban car traffic.  fabrication team: New York Cares (volunteers)coordinator:... Continue Reading →

Test Kitchen for “Every Day with Rachael Ray” (2009)

The new test kitchen was part of a larger renovation for Reader's Digest Association, Inc. (the parent company of "Every Day with Rachael Ray" magazine) at 750 3rd Avenue in New York City. KT3D produced this design as a quasi-independent design, working with TPG Architects (responsible for the overall design including office space).

THIS WAY_site-specific installation (2008)

photo by Seth Ely (Tillett Lighting Design) This project was a collaboration between Linnaea Tillett Lighting Design and KT3D, the commission awarded in May 2007. The site was the Brooklyn-side access to the Brooklyn Bridge, an underpass spanning Washington and Prospect Streets, adjacent to the neighborhoods Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO. This site is shaped by... Continue Reading →

Game for Redbook

Game for Redbook Magazine, 2003 KT3D began as an exploration of digital media. This early project was a game, distributed on CDs (!), describing the busy day of a REDBOOK magazine reader as a promotional device. I was responsible for the design and (Flash) programming of the game, the content (questions and answers) by Redbook staff.

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